What’s Happening At Manchester United?

Manchester United fans have enjoyed tons of success during Sir Alex Ferguson’s 27 year spell at the club as manager. Sir Alex Ferguson won 38 trophies during his tenure and he has gone down as the greatest manager in soccer history. Ever since 2013 when he stepped down the club changed drastically. David Gill, the Chief Executive stepped down when Fergie retired and that was almost as devastating to the club than losing the great manager. David Gill was replaced by Ed Woodward and Fergie was replaced by his fellow Scotsman David Moyes, who was eventually replaced by Louis Van Gaal.

When David Moyes came in charge issues arose immediately and part of the issue was the new Chief Executive Ed Woodward. The pair tried several times to sign big players despite constantly annoying teams with offers. The club failed to attract big players and it made Manchester United look like an embarrassment so quick. David Moyes was quick to sack the coaching staff and bring in his own staff, which is a risky move considering his inexperience at a top tier club. Moyes then forced the three captains out of the club. Manutd was left with a huge gap to fill in the change room and on the pitch and the lack of signings played a huge part. Ed Woodward was then forced to fire the manager he appointed and then brought in Louis Van Gaal to take over.

Louis Van Gaal has a terrific resume, he doesn’t lack experience at the top tier clubs, he has won trophies at every team he has managed and he’s taken Holland to a World Cup Final in 2010 and a third place finish in 2014. Things are back in order right? NOPE. Van Gaal has a reputation for being an arrogant coach. He doesn’t take crap from anyone, in fact during his time at Bayern Munich, he once pulled his pants down to show his players how big his balls are just so they know he isn’t scared to replace anyone. His reputation for playing boring soccer has made every club he’s coached go mad, he has forced fans to literally revolve against their own team just to get fired. After a poor season under Moyes, Van Gaal and Woodward were quick to sign players and regain the fans faith. The pair brought in some world-class players, the likes on Radamel Falcao, Angel Di Maria, Luke Shaw and Daley Blind just to name a few. The season started brightly, but it was just a matter of time before Van Gaal does what Van Gaal does most, piss everyone off. The like of Falcao, Di Maria, Robin Van Persie all began to dip in form due to the new style of play. Van Gaal sucks the freedom out of the players and he turns practise into military training. Players have strict curfuews they must follow, they must train twice a day, and in fact, he even banned every language except English from being spoken between the players and staff, which is weird considering majority of the players can barely even speak English. The world-class players were quick to leave in the summer time and now the club had a bigger hole to fill, but not many players are willing to come to Manchester United and play for the man known as the dictator. Currently, Manchester United are going through a horrific season, they’ve won 6 matches out of their last 20 and Ed Woodward is desperate to not fire Van Gaal, which is so strange. But is it strange in the eyes of Woodward? No it isn’t because he appointed one manager that failed and now if he fires Van Gaal it means he’s appointed two miserable managers, which looks bad on himself. So Woodward knows if he fires Van Gaal he could be next in the firing line, so keeping Van Gaal is a desperate attempt to keep his job.

But how are the fans reacting to this? Not very well. The fans have made it clear they do not want Van Gaal in charge, the players have done as much as they can to make their opinion heard without being disrespectful to the club or the fans. The lack of stability in the club is a huge reason, Woodward doesn’t know how to take care of business off the field and on the field. His failure to lure players to one of the biggest franchises in sports in alarming and his inability to make the big decisions is scary. David Gill was professional and efficient in his job, he go the club big sponsor deals and when it came to signing players he would get the deal done in a day. Ferguson brought a calmness in the change room, he knew how to get the most of his players and he let them play. Ferguson believed in entertaining the fans, winning for the fans and exciting them, while Van Gaal doesn’t care about the fans and he has made that clear in press conferences. Van Gaal cares about results, even if it means sucking the life out of everyone watching, he doesn’t care. Van Gaal’s failure to maintain relationships with players is a big factor, who would want to work hard for a man they don’t even want there? Not many people.

So now you have a man in charge who doesn’t have the respect of his own players or the fans and you have a man who is the Chief Executive of one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, but is unable to lure players to the club and he is unable of making proper decision with the best interest for the club. When you have a chief executive who is more worried about himself than the club, you are almost guaranteed zero success.


Louis Van Gaal image: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRkXgT5N6Yu03CWAzaU3GqI7tx1Sa-I5E8fSyuDiJcuwg01qZ7GVA



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