Matt Koryczan and his wife Agnes recently moved their family to Edmonton. Originally from Poland, the Koryczan’s spent time in the United States before settling in Scotland, where they got their first glimpse of the Eddies.

The Koryczan’s have three kids, Mati, Lukas and Rafal who were all born in the United States. After spending time in the States, the Koryczan’s decided to move to Scotland, but decided it wasn’t a great fit for their family. Koryczan and wife Anges applied for residency in Canada and their application was accepted this year.

“It is a beautiful city, my wife and kids love it here and we are excited to finally be in Edmonton,” Koryczan said. “We wanted to come here because the the quality of life is better. There are more opportunities for work and for our kids the quality of education in Canada is much better than most places in the world.”

The Koryczan’s are a big soccer family. In fact, one of their favourite teams is FC Edmonton. The Koryczan’s learned about the Eddies through a friend who lives in Edmonton named Alex Szwydkiw. Szqydkiw sent Koryczan and his family numerous pieces of Eddies gear and a schedule of their matches in Scotland. Once the Koryczan’s heard about the Eddies tour in Scotland last March, they decided to go watch the preseason action.

“We put on all our FC Edmonton gear and decided to come and cheer on the team,” Koryczan said. “We really enjoyed our first experience watching the Eddies in Scotland. We met Colin Miller and it was a very memorable experience because he is such a great guy. We got a lot of autographs from the players and we all had the opportunity to take pictures with them. I was surprised at how welcoming everyone was.”

Now that the Koryczan’s live in Edmonton, they have the chance to watch the Eddies play at Clarke Field. Koryczan went to his first Eddies match last week, where the Eddies defeated New York Cosmos in a thrilling Wednesday night affair.

“It was a really great experience,” Koryczan said. “You’re seated so close to the field and the atmosphere was terrific. After the match we had the chance to go on the field and meet the players, which is great because in Europe it’s not like that.  You feel so connected to the club because you get to talk to the players and coaches, so I really enjoyed my first experience at Clarke Field and I will have to bring my kids with me next time.”

The Koryczan’s moved to Edmonton at the perfect time. The Eddies are having their best season in recent history and are currently sit at the top of the North American Soccer League (NASL) Fall Season standings.

“We moved here just for that reason,” Koryczan said jokingly. “We are excited to see the team winning of course. There are a lot of good players on this team and if they can keep playing as a team then they have a very good chance of winning the league. The quality of soccer in Canada is very high, there isn’t much of a difference between the quality here in comparison to some leagues in Europe.”

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