If There Is Ever A Time To Sell Giovinco It’s Now

Would it really be the end of the world if Toronto FC sold their star player Sebastian Giovinco? I don’t think so.

Now, i’m not saying they should sell him because he is the best player in Toronto FC history and one of the all-time greats in Major League Soccer (MLS) history. BUT, if he wants out then now is the best time to let him go.

With reports suggesting that Mexican side Tigres are in for Giovinco with Enner Valencia going the other way, there has been a lot of panic amongst the Toronto FC fans. Fans saying things such as “no Seba, no trophies.” But, maybe his best days are behind him.

As Sir Alex Ferguson always says, it’s better to sell a player a year earlier than a year too late. If you take into account his age (31) and his physical presence then now is probably the best time to do it. You have a player who has scored 57 goals and registered 41 assists in 97 games. A player who has been an MLS All-Star and voted in the MLS best XI in 2015, 2016 and 2017. He won the MLS MVP, Golden Boot and Top assist provider in 2015. Giovinco also won the CONCACAF Champions league Golden Boot and was voted into the best XI for the competition. My point here is that his stock is very high and you can get a lot in return.

gio cup
Giovinco celebrating his first MLS cup championship with his teammates. Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski, USA Today Sports.

On the flip side, Toronto are two-time Eastern conference champs (2016-2017), MLS champions (2017) and CONCACAF Champions League runners up. Put the two together and you have a player with undeniable talent, who has accomplished a lot in Toronto. Then you have a team whose accomplished, established and successful. On top of all that, Toronto is a beautiful city and it wouldn’t be hard convincing players to make the move to the Six. All in all, you have a good player in Giovinco and you have a very desirable club. You can use the clubs accomplishment for extra pull.

Giovinco battles his way past two sounders defenders. Photo Credit: Sportswire/Getty Images

But you have to do it now. You can’t wait 2 more years when Jozy Altidore, Victor Vasquez and Michael Bradley are older than they are. They are good enough to build around. Toronto have a good spine to their team. You have Alex Bono, arguably one of the best shot-stoppers in the league, Drew Moore and Chris Mavinga who have been immense. In midfield you have Bradley, who can hold it down and control the pace of a match. Vasquez who has shown his quality time and time again, and is one of the best playmakers in the league. Up-top you have Altidore who can score goals. Altidore is a real menace for defenders, he is strong, quick and scores all kinds of goals.

Giovinco is currently 31 years old, which is an age where players begin to make their way down from their peak. Giovinco isn’t a physically blessed athlete like a Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s short, not the strongest and not the quickest. His days of running past numerous players seem to be up. He’s not doing that anymore. He’s reliant on good service and set-pieces for goals this season, which is fine but it’s not what fans are used to from the Italian.


Right now Toronto FC have appeal on and off the pitch. They have enough in their squad to build around. So it might not be a terrible idea to take a trade or sell Giovinco flat out and bring in younger and more talented players. If Atlanta United can bring it young talent from abroad like they have, I’m positive Toronto can do the exact same.

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