Bellator 223: Aaron Chalmers trying to stay positive in “the most jealous sport in the world”

LONDON, UK – At Bellator London, Aaron Chalmers will be making his third appearance in the Bellator Cage and just his sixth MMA bout since leaving his previous career in reality TV.

But despite the lack of experience, he still sees people commenting on the level of the competition he faces.

“It’s like anything. I’ve been training two years, why would I fight someone that’s 20-0,” Chalmers told KKSports. “Those guys at my stage weren’t fighting people that good. Everyone has to build a career fighting people in the same skill level but because it’s me I should be fighting people that are 20-0. So I can’t win, I can never win.

At Bellator 222 we saw Aaron Pico lose his second fight in a row against another opponent with more experience than him. During Pico’s fourth fight win streak, many were saying that he was fighting “cans” and that he needed a step up in competition.

“You know what it is? MMA is the most jealous fucking sport in the world,” Chalmers said. “It’s easy to look on the outside and say ‘He’s shit, should’ve done this, should’ve done that’ but when you’re in there and someone is punching you in the face, it’s a totally different story. It’s crazy. There’s more jealous people in MMA than there was in reality TV.”

He makes a very valid point. MMA fans, for the most part, like to cheer against up and comers. There’s this idea that “I want this fighter to lose because the organization is forcing them on me”

People are just waiting for the first loss of every hype-train so that they can claim they knew a fighter was overrated. For Chalmers, the constant negativity used to bother him, but he’s says that’s not the case anymore.

“Once I put myself in MMA, I put myself in a pedestal to fail,” Chalmers said. “I knew I was going to lose eventually, and I knew that when I finally lost the haters would come out in full force. So I just take the rough with the smooth. The haters keep my name relevant as much as the fans do. Whether I win or lose, they’re all tweeting about me. They’re still keeping my name up there whether it’s good or bad, so it’s all good for me”

“You can try to be the nicest guy in the world, you can do everything by the book, everything right, and people still won’t like you. I used to try to please [the haters], I’d be like ‘oh, they don’t like me doing that so I’ll do this’ but then I wasn’t making myself happy. So as long as I’m happy, my family, friends, and the people close to me are happy, then I don’t give a shit about the haters. Fuck them.”

This negativity isn’t something new for the former reality TV star. He’s used to seeing comments like “why is this guy trending” or “these people have no talent why do people care” but he has learned to ignore it.

“I thrive off it now,” Chalmers added. “If someone’s never met you and they hate you this much, then you must be doing something right. That’s my outlook, people hate me and they don’t even know me so I must be doing something right”

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